Chen Tianxiang

A familiar face on local Mandarin television, Chen Tianxiang is a veteran actor with over 40 years of acting experience. He started his career in radio plays on radio station Rediffusion. He ventured into television acting for Radio Television Singapore in its black and white days and later joined the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (and subsequently Mediacorp), as a full time actor for 11 years. Over the years, he has played many different characters in various acclaimed television series, such as “The Awakening” and “In Pursuit of Peace”. He continues to do freelance acting for television, most recently in the popular drama series “118”. He plays the lead role for the first time in “The Return”, his first feature film, which he describes as a childhood dream come true.


Vincent Tee

A well-known face in the TV and film industry, Vincent Tee ventured into acting 20 years ago and has never looked back. Besides regular TV appearances, he has acted in a variety of feature films such as “Blood Ties”, “Singapore Dreaming”, “Pleasure Factory” and “After Images”. An extremely versatile actor, Vincent slips into different roles effortlessly. With his natural talent and astute observation of human nature, he is able to create believable characters, be it a taxi driver, teacher, loanshark or rogue policeman. In "The Return", he plays the conflicted son of the protagonist (played by Chen Tianxiang) with conviction and depth.


Tan Beng Chiak

Our actress Tan Beng Chiak wears many hats, literally and figuratively. An educator by profession, she has been involved in the performing arts since young. She started as a child radio artist and moved on to stage productions in her adult life, under the tutelage of theatre doyen Kuo Pao Kun. She has appeared in seminal plays like “Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral” and “Lao Jiu”. Beng Chiak has performed in numerous Singapore stage productions, both musicals and drama since 1990. A champion for the environment, she is also a founding member and former president of the Jane Goodall Institute of Singapore. “The Return” marks her first appearance in a feature film.



MAIN ACTORS                   ROLE

Chen Tianxiang                Wen
Vincent Tee                   Tien
Tan Beng Chiak                Mei


Gary Tang                     Young Wen
Isaiah Lee                    Boy in White
Wong Kai Tow                  Bee
Shan Rievan                   Son of Kassim
Eve Tan                       Documentary Filmmaker
Eugene Tan                    Doctor
Evelyn Wang                   Young Lian

Jonathan Yong                 Cheng
Matin Kai Yi                  Young Tien
Myra Hiah                     Young Mei
Bob Kooi                      Officer 1
Chris Chia                    Officer 2
Miyuki Kamimura               Tourist
Gareth Tan                    Gabriel Teo